2021.10.28 03:56 n-ggaballsack IWFTR

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2021.10.28 03:56 MushroomTop8680 Female mouse chasing another female

I recently got two female mice and am brand new to owning mice as pets. Today is the first day I have had them and I got them as a gift so I am unsure how they acted in the store, but my friend said they are sisters. One is significantly larger than the other and will chase the smaller one around their habitat and nip at it’s tail and chase it away from the wheel, food dish, and little house inside the cage. The smaller mouse will squeak and run away and usually the larger mouse will stop the chase but sometimes she will pursue. I know that the general rule is that if there is no blood drawn there is no foul. I would just like some information as to whether or not this is a hierarchy thing that is common when they get a new cage or if they perhaps need a new cage that is larger, a wheel and dish of food for each of them, or if they need to get separated altogether. I would love some information from someone who knows more about mice because from what i have been reading on the internet, female mice usually aren’t aggressive towards one another in this way and I am a bit concerned for the smaller mouse’s safety. It seems like the bigger mouse is just picking on the little one, kicking her off the wheel or their little house, just to not even use it. Any information would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
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2021.10.28 03:56 ray9 Doa (도아) - If you love me (너도 나와 같다면)

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2021.10.28 03:56 Alecsplaining Proposal for what respectful, precise & accurate diagnosis/description/classification/measurement of mental illness might look like (alternative to the DSM classification system).

This measurement system would be based largely on numerical estimates ranking the severity of illness in a number of categories. Ideally, new estimates would be quickly made by the professional at the end of each meeting to closely monitor improvement or deterioration. Constructive criticism is encouraged.
1) Overall mental wellness & lethargy estimation:
A. How mentally unwell does this person appear overall in terms of their thoughts, mood regulation & other non-lethargic cognitive traits?
Take seriously their own self-reporting when not strongly contradicted by other evidence.
Apply a standardized numeric scale, for example an estimate on scale from 0 to 9, possibly an aggregate of estimations 2, 3, 4, & 5 below, with 2, 3 & 4 weighted more heavily than 5.
B. How lethargic, tired &/or fatigued does this person appear to be?
Take seriously their own self-reporting when not strongly contradicted by other evidence.
Apply a standardized numeric scale, for example a lethargy estimate from 0 to 9.

2) Unhappiness estimation:
How unhappy or miserable do they appear to be, independently of physical pain & temporary healthy variations?
Take seriously their own self-reporting when not strongly contradicted by other evidence.
Apply a standardized numeric scale.

3) Danger-to-self estimation:
How much of a danger do they pose to themselves due to unhappiness or disorder in their thinking or mood regulation?
Take seriously their own self-reporting when not strongly contradicted by other evidence.
Apply a standardized numeric scale.

4) Danger-to-others estimation:

How much of a danger to they pose to others due to unhappiness or disorder in their thoughts & moods?
Take seriously their own self-reporting when not strongly contradicted by other evidence.
Apply a standardized numeric scale.

5) Other dysfunction estimation:

How much does disorder in their thoughts & moods appear to be interfering with their ability to perform tasks that they would benefit from, other than those necessary to avoid immediate danger?

Take seriously their own self-reporting when not strongly contradicted by other evidence.
Apply a standardized numeric scale.

  1. Symptom list

List every symptom as precisely as possible without unnecessary privacy violation, including date when that symptom began & ended, or exact time if the symptom lasted less than 24 hours.

Take seriously their own self-reporting when not strongly contradicted by other evidence.

  1. How much has been done to improve the healthiness of the patient's lifestyle and environment, and the respectfulness of their social environment? How quickly & strongly has the patient's mental well-being improved in response to these improvements & the passage of time?

Take seriously their own self-reporting when not strongly contradicted by other evidence.
Apply a standardized numeric scale.
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2021.10.28 03:56 ExaminationPretty672 My (23M) girlfriend (26F) Wanted me to pay 10% of my wealth to the church. I refused and she broke up with me

The title is the long story short, but we went back and forth. She wanted me to pay a tithe to the church (I'm Christian but don't believe in tithing). We argued about it for a while, but she came to the conclusion that she wasn't able to be in a relationship with me if I didn't do it, it was that important to her view of faith.
I'd been very forcefully saying no for a while, it's only now that we've broken up that I'm tempted to do it. 10% is a lot of money, and I wouldn't be paying it willingly, just so I could keep my girlfriend. I understand outwardly it looks absurd to even consider paying, but it seems like a small price to pay to retain someone I love very much in my life. Additionally, she helped me so much with my day to day affairs. I'm in a non-English speaking country and she does a lot of translation and help for me. I want well thought out responses for how to handle the situation..
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2021.10.28 03:56 NeverEndingDClock Legco worked better without opposition: Hong Kong Legislative Council president Andrew Leung

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2021.10.28 03:56 Amicdict [TF2 15.ai] The Mercs Argue Over Fallout NV Factions (by ToTheMax)

A video I found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVh7uB3lPfc.
I posted this as text, because links aren't allowed.
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2021.10.28 03:56 6Fthty6FthDivison There is a Leaver buster glitch (to get rid of it)

This has happened to me 3 times

  1. Start the que
  2. While the timer is up close the client
  3. start an urf game
  4. No more leaver buster
IDK if this is because of the new leaver buster or this might actually be bugged
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2021.10.28 03:56 GAZI-VERSE Why can't I eat when I Lean

YO! I been drinking lean since 2019 and personally it keeps me going through this bullshit called life. I have started to notice that when I'm leaning I have no desire to eat. I do get hungry but I find it tough to swallow as food tastes bland and uninteresting. Idk if it just me, but why is there a loss of appetite when we sipping the syrup??
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2021.10.28 03:56 Beautiful_Energy19 Blankie: My Thumbsucking Companion

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2021.10.28 03:56 ProfStorm Garfield Classics by Jim Davis for Thu, 28 Oct 2021

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2021.10.28 03:56 Vansceslas Hungry Spirit of Hallowmas

As I am deeply unwise, I achieved SMEN 22 today. At Hallowmas.
And so I discovered the Hungry Letters...
Writing down such an ill advised thing inflict 2 CP of Nightmares upon you... and receiving it gives you the choice to burn it to recover from Nightmares (bad) or gain 4 CP of Nightmares (good).
Soooo, if you know a fellow seeker with sufficient SMEN, those letters are a 3 CP/A Nightmare grind. If you don't, well you can just write them and discard them for 2 CP/A.
Have fun, and stay hungry !
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2021.10.28 03:56 MrwordR Night and Day

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2021.10.28 03:56 TheKumarEffect Any discord servers for superstars?

Is there an official discord where people can chat and look for groups to play with?
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2021.10.28 03:56 Legendary7559 Chapter 147 is in second place btw .

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2021.10.28 03:56 MajorRasta Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Inosuke vs Murata HD 2021

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2021.10.28 03:56 sighet247 METEO - Vremea în Maramureş pentru joi, 28 octombrie 2021

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2021.10.28 03:56 Saynotosgurd Amado's real identity what can it be?

Guys I feel like Amado has to be some kind of otsusuki scientist, no way can he make cyborgs stronger than jigen while still being a human himself. My theory is that, he is a vessel of some otsusuki who was a scientist of some sort and him suspiciously focusing more on kawaki can be seen as that particular otsusuki preparing his next vessel i.e kawaki. Him (Amado) being suspicious lately as we saw in the recent chapters in the manga. This can also answer why he wanted to kill isshiki and now is helping konoha to kill code too. Other theory I can think of is that he is a human scientist, but he was abducted by otsusukis and worked for them during his lifetime, this also can explain his intensive knowledge regarding otsusukis but if I'm being honest I feel like my first theory makes more sense but what do you guys think? And what she your theories regarding Amado's real identity? Lemme know.
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2021.10.28 03:56 Professional_Tune605 【Unpopular Opinion】Fedual age knights are a mistake, or at least they shouldn't have charge ability at fedual age

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2021.10.28 03:56 dapperwoman HP Spectre x360 13 keyboard and touchpad active when in tablet mode

My HP Spectre x360 is running Windows 10 (64 bit) and within the past couple of days the entirety of the tablet function has crapped out.
The rotation lock button is greyed out (in action center and settings), laptop doesn’t recognize when being folded into tablet mode, and when in tablet mode and folded the keyboard and touchpad continue to function as normal (this never used to happen).
I have tried updating my drivers for all drivers I could think would be causing the problem, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. Updating laptop and BIOS. Anything the HP community forms suggested. And finally, just resetting the entire thing. Nothing has solved this problem.
I am in desperate need to get it fixed, I am in college and we are having midterms right now. I don’t even want to look at my laptop because I’m so frustrated with it. Please help if you have any suggestions I will try anything at this point.
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2021.10.28 03:56 MrJerples Digimon Survive has been rated in Korea

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2021.10.28 03:56 No-Agency9695 Player Titles

Where can I find the definitions for player titles?
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2021.10.28 03:56 RedditNewmatic Trip to Korea in VR!

Hello, VR Travelers!
Let's take a look at where to go~
Ellie thinks Jamsil is a cool place to party on Halloween night.
Don't you think so?

Ellie's Travel Diary is on sale for 15% off during Steam 2021 Halloween Sale
(Oct 28, 2021 10:00am Pacific to Nov 1, 2021 10:00am Pacific)
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2021.10.28 03:56 PrincessBakiene Visited by a Grey Alien: The truth about "drugs"

Trigger warning: drugs
A rare, alien photgraph of an alien smoking a spliff and enjoying a lollipop... This rare race of alien has shapeshifted and camouflaged them self as a tattoo on a human leg, but the human whitnessess all expressed that they saw the alien transport them self away from the leg and into a very small spaceship..
The humans who saw all this happen, informed me that they actually saw the alien ship crash, and were able to pick it up and take it to their house and had conversations with the alien, who openly admitted that he wouldn't be able to travel back to his planet until he was sober, as he had accidentally used human cannabis rather than the cannabis that comes from his realm (this will make a lot more sense later on in this article)
The humans (who I won't tell their names to protect their identity), spent a long time with the alien, who told them that he was from the future and that in our future, humans were transferring their brains/consciousness into these grey alien vessels to enable them to travel through space and time.
The alien told these humans some very interesting information: After the Roswell crash, the "scientists and government" were able to replicate the grey aliens body and anatomy and grow them to full size. The scientists/government had learnt from a different alien race, how to transfer their soul/consciousness into another vessel. One of these scientists had admitted to the grey alien that the "rich" and "higher powers" would soul jump/transfer their consciousness into already, living humans, and doing this became the cause of people suffering with schizophrenia, psycosis and split personality as conscious humans, like you and me, would all of a sudden be sharing their bodies with other humans and their souls. They explained that they would soul jump to average humans like you and I, to do things and perform tasks, from having romantic relations with others, to murdering people, and many other things, they also explained that they would inhabit other bodies so that they could experience life, not being famous, and would use this opportunity to be able to walk around without being recognised and mobbed by fans and paparazzi.
The people doing these things, started to offer "soul jump experiences", for a large price, rich/famous/high up, humans would be able to go through a "menu" of different experiences, and soul jump into different vessels to have these experiences..for example, the "homeless experience" would be purchased, a seperate human vessel would be selected, in this case, a homeless person, and the person paying for this experience will have their soul transferred into the homeless person, so that they can so experience what it's like to be homeless.
These "high up, rich people" are able to select very specific, detailed experiences, as they have the ability to monitor and watch the human race, they are able to find out everything about any human, enabling them to offer a variety of different experiences to those willing to pay for this.
The grey alien also told our witnesses that there are many "average" humans, like you and me, that also have "sponsors", because these "experiences" are not just exclusive to humans, but other alien races are able to pay for these experiences and see what life is like as a human. These people will watch us closely, find out about us in every detail, monitor us, follow us, so that they can make sure to pick the best experience, when their souls are finally transferred and connected to the human vessel, their experience begins for however long they like, because of this connection between the human who has had their vessel bought and the human which has bought the experience, they both start to learn about eachother very deeply, due to sharing a vessel and experiencing life together , and because these "special humans" and aliens know so much about us through this "experiment", it was decided that the humans, like you and me whose bodies can be inhabited, could have a sponsor.
The idea of the sponsor would be that when the "rich/high up/special humans" and aliens had decided to finish their "average human experience", they would pay a price for the human that they shared a vessel with, and depending on how much was spent, this would give them the ability to protect this human from any harm, influence their lives (non directly), for example, they are not allowed to interact or communicate with us physically and directly, but they could arrange to have a winning scratch card given to us when we purchase one in a shop, or they could "hack into" a slot machine that we were playing on to ensure that we win the money/jackpot, they could also improve our lives by making sure we receive the best medical services and an array of many other things.
The humans and aliens buying these experiences were creating deep bonds with their vessel partner. In some of these experiences, they would be sharing a vessel with a human who was experiencing a really tough life, abuse, bullying, homelessness, and because of this the "vessel buyers" would feel sorry for the person who's vessel they were inhabiting, which is why the sponsor program was created, so that their was the opportunity to take care of the human whose vessel they had used, almost like a thank you for letting them share your vessel/body with them.
After being told this by our stoned grey alien, one of our human witnesses told us that they were a sufferer of psycosis and split personality, they had always had hallucinations and different personalities, but later on in their mid twenties, they began to hear a new voice/hallucination and also noticed that they were blacking out more often, while something else controlled their body. They explained how this lasted for almost over 20 years, until one day, the voice just stopped. However, they began to notice that they had constant good luck, their life had a complete turn around, they went from being very poor, unemployed, lonely, to coming into a lot of money, getting a good job and socialising with more people. This person had also experienced abuse for a long time but almost straight away after this "hallucination" left them, the person abusing them ended up getting into a very strange situation which meant that their abuser was no longer in their life and they were free from abuse. One thing they did notice, is that wherever they went, on most days, there was always a black helicopter that would fly very low right near them, circle a few times exactly where they were at that time and would fly off. They also noticed that if they felt fear or were in a situation where they may be at risk of being hurt by someone, the helicopter would appear almost instantly, fly around them in a circle and while the helicopter was around them, any threats would walk away or they would no longer feel scared.
After hearing the story from the grey alien about sponsors, one of our witnesses realised that they had experienced sharing their soul with someone and that this person continued to sponsor them once they had left the experience.
Our witnesses then went on to tell us that the grey alien went inside their ship for a brief period, and returned to the humans with a metal box. The grey alien opened the box and presented the humans with a variety of different things, in this box was a small white rock, a small sticky brown ball, a bright green red and purple bud which looked very similar to cannabis, there was a small vial of pink liquid, a small vial of blue liquid and a small vial of red liquid, there was a quantity of bright red mushrooms with white spots, and a variety of different coloured pills/tablets. The alien explained to the humans that these were proper, pure, "drugs", which were actually originally a technology, given to the humans from the grey aliens. However, this technology was not given to the government or any one in power, instead they were given, all around the world, to different people, just average humans, some addicts, some dealers, some completely sober people, this technology was given to a variety of different people. The alien then spent a very long time with these humans, experiencing these different "drugs" with them. The alien went on to explain, "these, what your government call "drugs", were a technology from us, to you, average citizens, to enable you to see what is truly going on around you, what is hidden from you in plain site, to enlighten you. However, unfortunately those in power found out about this, and tried to obtain as much of the pure, original "drugs" as possible and modified everything by adding chemicals and ingredients which stop them from doing what they are supposed to, ensuring that this technology can't enlighten you or show you the truth, instead they modified our technology, named these things as "drugs" and made sure that when consuming these things, that they will damage your body, make you sick, disturb your mental health, make you paranoid, make you depressed. Doing this to our technology means that when people take these "drugs", that it will cause the consumer to vibrate on a very low frequency, stopping you from obtaining spiritual enlightenment and gaining knowledge. They modified our technology to also ensure that once you take them, that you will also be unable to reach enlightenment and truth while being sober too. Humans are able to reach truth and enlightenment and knowledge through a variety of things, such as meditation, so the people "high up" modified our technology so that it disables your sober ability to vibrate on a higher level and reach a spiritual height where you are able to gain knowledge and see the truth. You are able to reverse this, but the people engineering these "drugs", add chemicals to make them addictive, ensuring that you will get addicted and continue to use them, and therefore blocking all your spiritual ability and power. The "drug technology" that we originally gave to you was not addictive"
Our witnesses had a very eye opening experience, trying this pure technology. The alien began to explain this technology further, "I will refer to each technology with the name you associate with these "drugs" on Earth." The alien points, individually to each item and gives a description, firstly pointing to a purple tablet "this is what you call "speed", it's original, technological name is Ekra-seekenam, when consuming this, it gives you the ability to see through the hologram that is projected into your sky to hide what is really going on "behind closed doors", if you will" The humans tried the Ekra-seekenam with the Alien, and they almost passed out from shock. As they all looked up into the night sky, they could see army planes, flying and darting through the air, shooting bullets at other, unknown ships, while you could see different types of ships, some shooting lasers, dog fighting, a full war in the sky. As they looked up at the stars, they soon noticed that the stars were not big balls of fire, far, far away, but that they were all individual stations, they stared in awe as they witnessed a "star" split in half and open up, followed by a fleet of ships flying out of the "star" and across the sky. In the distance, they see a bit, round ship, almost shaped like a helicopter, with a huge, bright, white beam of light, shining out of the bottom, and scanning the earth below, back and forth.
Our witnesses also went on to tell us how they also experienced taking the Ekra-seekenam in the day time, where they whitnessed lots of red, laser like dots, fleeting around the sky, and literally pulling clouds together and creating clouds out of thin air. They also witnessed "airplanes" which had turned completely see through, and behind this apparition of an airplane, you could see ships, trying to camouflage themselves with the image of a plane.
The alien proceeded to share the technology with the humans, he points to the small vial, filled with red liquid "this is what you call "mdma, Mandy, Molly", it's real name is Passapassa. Before this wonderful technology was messed with by those who should not be in power, when consumed, it gives you the ability to have clear, vivid memories of who you were and what you did in your past lives. It gives you the ability to remember as much as you want to seek and know. Once consumed for the first time, your soul, body and mind will come to a complete balance, every particle of you, every fibre of you, every memory you have had in this life and your past life's, every body you have reincarnated into, every different name you have had, all of your many personalities, every single breath you have taken since the beginning of time, will accumulate into a huge, spiritual, magical, bubble and you will experience complete union with your soul", one of our witnesses, who we will refer to as M, told us how after taking Passapassa, she looked down at her hands, and explained, "I looked down at my hands, which looked so different to how they usually look, and I thought to myself, "my hands, these hands, they're somebody else's hands, but they're hands that I recognise", they were hands which had written letters, hands which had brushed my hair and washed my face, hands which had held the hand of my soul mate, but not from this life. Instantly, it was like my soul was communicating with me, whispering in my ear to tell me a magical secret, but before I had the chance to hear this wonderful secret, I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and Infront of me was not my reflection, but many reflections, many faces, many bodies, many ages and many sizes, it was like I was looking at the TV, and being shown woman after woman after woman, flicking through all these different characters and personalities, and even though I had never seen any of these women before, I knew, straight away who these women were, and my soul finally confirms to me through its ethereal whispers "you're looking at yourself, who you were in all your many, past lives" The alien continued with its lesson, "with this great union of the soul, connecting to all your reincarnated bodies and memories, the Passapassa also enables you to retain the knowledge of everything you have learnt, from your first life, to your last. You will only be able to search for knowledge when you have consumed Passpassa, once it has left your system, your memories and your knowledge will return to what you have experienced and gained in this life, as being able to remember everything from all of your reincarnations, would be too much for your mind to handle and you would no longer be able to function anymore. Let me open your eyes to something, while under the effect of Passapassa, search through all of your memories, all of the places you've been and things you've seen, and draw, write, paint, sculpt. Imagine, searching through your memory back to the time when the Egyptians depicted being visited by sky beings so that you can truly see what the Egyptians saw then too, and then draw what you see, write in your journal how the world was back then, so that when the Passapassa has emptied out of your system, you will be able to look back at your drawings and writings and reveal to yourself the truth of the things which remain unknown."
A question was presented to the alien by one of the group, let's refer to him as B. B, as well as the rest of the group, had a realisation after listening to the aliens lesson, "The egyptians, the Romans, the Aztec, the aborigines, the Sumerians, all of these civilizations, maybe they had taken Passapassa, and had the same idea as you, to seek through their memories and interpret all of their experiences through sculptures, through hieroglyphics, through cave paintings and stories, written on stone tablets, on cave walls, in books. Maybe they weren't visited by sky beings, but they were depicting a past life when they were visited by ethereal beings"
The alien continued with his presentation to the group, "Well B, if you ever experience Passapassa again, you will be able to discover somewhat of the truth, just remember to write it down or draw it, so that you can teach yourself when you are sober. Anyway, let us continue" the alien places the vibrant, green, red and purple bud into the palm of their hand, "this, to you is cannabis, to us it is Lardna Oznas. That poison you call cannabis is the reason I crashed my ship! These days, they have got quite good at making "the weed" look like authentic Lardna! Unfortunately for me, I was fooled, and I imbibed some human weed, thinking it was Lardna, and the way my body and mind has evolved, I can no longer control what happens to me when I take human drugs"
The alien and the group try the Lardna Oznas, this is the third technology that they have tried and we were informed by the group that the Lardna was completely different to the previous technologies that they had already tried. The group had told us that the Lardna Oznas was very unique but incredibly fun and exciting. A third member of the group, who we will refer to as S, had exclaimed that there is nothing on planet Earth that compares to the levels of fun they experienced while taking Lardna, and couldn't wait to tell us why they loved it so much.
After a lot of fun, laughs and giggles, the group and the alien all sat down, exhausted, into soft chairs, and had a small tea break. With coffee in hand, our alien continued to enlighten the group, "Lardna Oznas, I guess from my realm, this would be our equivalent of a "recreational drug", and while technically this is still a technology, it wasn't made for the purposes of enlightenment, or knowledge, or to give you any special abilities, but simply created for pure, energetic, endless fun. We all need to let our hair down sometimes, it's important to get in touch with our inner child sometimes and experience pure joy, which is why Lardna Oznas was made by us and given to you humans, because from our observations, you are a very pessimistic, sad and depressive race, and if I had the power, I would five Ladnas to everyone, and all war would cease. I don't need to explain this one in detail as you have just experienced the joy which it brings but it was Ladnas that gave humans the idea and technology to create Virtual Reality, simulators and I'm sure it influenced the creation of gaming full stop"
B, S and M were all incredibly enthusiastic when telling us about Ladnas. We were told that Ladnas gave our group the ability to make their imagination come to life. After taking the Ladnas, they were all individually teleported to wherever their imagination decided to take them and they had an experience, almost exactly like playing with virtually reality, except there was no VR headset, instead they physically became part of whatever world and experience they created.
S told us that he was teleported to the room in Willy Wonkas factory where everything was edible and he experienced, EVERYTHING perfectly. He ate and ate and ate, all the sweets and chocolate and candy until he was full and even then, he continued to eat everything around him. He told us that it was such a perfect and unique experience, something that he had always dreamed and wished of doing, but never thought it would be possible to do, until he met his alien friend.
B chose to experience going back the Viking times, where he fought in battle after battle after battle, and took full advantage of the fact that he could die a million times during his Ladnas experience, and took part in as many battles as possible. During his experience, B also had the opportunity of meeting all the pagan Gods and he was really excited to tell us that he was able to hold Mjolnir (Thors hammer)
M's chaotic and eccentric personality reflected in her Ladnas experience as she went from place to place to place, she tried to embrace her experience as best as possible, and really used her imagination to do as many different things as possible, she spent some time surrounded by cute, beautiful little puppies, then went to a rollercoaster park, which she had all to herself so she could go on every ride without having to queue, she spent some time in a spa, getting the world's best massage, she even flew around the world to try all sorts of different food, sweets, desserts, ice cream, fast food and everything else that she could think of having. M managed to do a million different things, we would be here all day trying to talk about all of her different experiences ...
To be continued...
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2021.10.28 03:56 Hafeez67 Ireland: Suspended Doctor Accuses Health Officials Of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

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