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Lol, totally true

2021.10.28 05:46 logan57t Lol, totally true

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2021.10.28 05:46 conjohnlon93 Jordan Peel by John Conlon – instagram.com/jdarcyconlon

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2021.10.28 05:46 tw_questions Rishta Expectations

A Muslim guy posted on Reddit about how he didn't know what was expected in the rishta process, and instead of telling him the other side kind of did him dirty. His parents took their time getting in touch after meeting the girl's parents, so her family got offended and got her married to someone else despite him spending months getting to know the girl and her family and her promising a future together.
As someone not really too connected to the desi community, what are standard expectations? It seems like people on his post suggested it was normal for parents to propose the same day both sides met or the day after (Isn't one meeting too soon?). Are there other expectations at other stages in the process? Who should do what when??
I know this might vary between families, but thought it would be useful to get a collection of ideas for those of us less in the know without connections to the community
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2021.10.28 05:46 Abdulaziz0b My new kobo libra battery keeps dying

I got a new kobo libra h2o and everything was fine until sometimes i would take it out and it would say that it's out of charge, even though it was usually around 80% charge, more than enough for another week. Anyone else had this issue?
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2021.10.28 05:46 Hot_Performance_9734 Hannahowo - She Want Doggy Style !

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2021.10.28 05:46 nivh_de Schatz von der Halbinsel Krim: Gericht spricht Skythen-Gold der Ukraine zu – nicht Russland

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2021.10.28 05:46 Upset_Pack6241 Enjoy the pain

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2021.10.28 05:46 Antares2343 Anniversary Bundle A disappeared?

so i bought the anniversary bundle A that has the 60 crystals and got the option to buy the one with 130 outfit cards. i logged out and topped up a few hours later and the option to buy the bundle with the outfit cards is gone. is this a bug?
the Anniversary Bundle A with just the crystals is still there but is already sold out.
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2021.10.28 05:46 salami_memes my gf (21F) of almost 2 years broke up with me (20F) on Tuesday bc she wasn’t sure about how she felt, and i don’t have any hate towards her i just feel very lost and almost betrayed rn??

so me and A met on bumble and have been dating close to 2 years. i loved her and she everything to me. i thought everything between us was going fine, bc of our lack of arguments/problems in the relationship, we just got along that well. we always had (what i thought was) strong communication and would notify each other about misinterpretations or not liking a friend. it was kinda funny bc we would look at other couples struggling and be like “see if y’all would just talk about this, none of this would’ve happened. lmao imagine not having basic communication skills, couldn’t be us, y’all stay safe tho.” but on tuesday, she said needed to see me in person and talk about something. so i’m a little concerned thinking it’s something serious and that it might be a breakup thing.
turns out it was lol she told me that she discovered relationships might not be for her, and she couldn’t be the person i needed in a relationship, and that it wouldn’t be fair to me, she asked if we could stay friends if i was ok with that, and understood if i wasn’t. i was shocked but i was like “ok that’s fine, thanks for telling me” she also went on to say that because we’re both bottoms the relationship wouldn’t work because she desires to be “dominated”. after about a day, i thought over the entire conversation and ran it by my friend who thought it was weird and that A was just making an excuse to not be in a relationship with me. so i text A to help clarify some things about what she meant.
she told me that for a while, she wasn’t sure if her feelings for me were romantic, but kinda shrugged it off as this had been her very first relationship. (mine too) but before she knew it, 2 years had gone by and she still wasn’t sure. she liked being around me, and thought i was the perfect gf, but didn’t know if she was in love with me. she didn’t feel it would be fair to me to keep this up when she was so confused about her feelings. she admitted to keeping me at a distance bc of her insecurities (she never fully opened up to me about things that caused her to feel like shit like suicidal thoughts bc she didn’t want to put that “burden” on me, even when i assured her she was never a burden and i wanted to be there for her and listen) by “wanted to be dominated” she felt that she really meant being vulnerable with someone, like letting her head rest in someone’s lap, laying on someone’s shoulder, etc. but even with that need, A felt that she couldn’t imagine ever being that vulnerable with someone. A said she likes me a lot, and has regrets about breaking up with me, but wasn’t gonna hold me back bc she felt emotionally unstable.
it was kinda shitty of her to not tell me this way sooner, but i understood where she was coming from. she wasn’t sure, and that’s ok. i just feel kinda stupid for thinking everything was fine, and that all the “i love you”s she said to me weren’t genuine. it almost feels like a betrayal of trust in a way (i hope this doesn’t sound weird or unhealthy) bc in the relationship, i kept saying that she could always tell me if somethings wrong or was bothering her, and she said “ok i’ll let you know” but nothing came of it until the very end. like, i trusted her to honest with me and she wasn’t for several months, maybe even over a year?? i don’t really know where to go from here bc i really did love her a lot. we went through so much together. i just feel, empty?? lost?? i’m just really emotional about it rn and needed somewhere to vent. thanks for reading this.
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2021.10.28 05:46 Mysterious-Scallion6 Racist airtasker

Short version: Hired an end of lease cleaner via Airtasker who came in, did not clean anything - they threw water all over our floor and left without telling us + damaged our bedroom carpet. I have proof of everything. We asked multiple times for them to come and finish the job - they didn’t turn up again and asked us to release payment. We said that we’ll go through Airtasker for dispute management and they called us a lot of racist slurs associated with our ethnicity over call, plus had some choice words over text.
I don’t not want to pay, but I feel like they should not be entitled to full pay either - no answer from Airtasker yet. What can I do here?
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2021.10.28 05:46 Robbo_Asks 37 [M4R] Victoria Friends / Online Friends / PS5 Friends

Hi everyone,
I reside in regional/country Vic. I am partnered. I work in IT, but wouldn't consider myself a stereotypical IT person. Finally double vaxxed!!
I'm looking to find people with similar interests to chat with, play games on PS5, smoke weed online with (Zoom or similar) and maybe other activities, should the occasion arise.
I like cars and restoring them, that's my bogan side. I love a day at the drags or burnout competition. I'm starting to rebuild my mtb and will hopefully get back into riding really soon. We have some crazy downhill tracks in my area.
Other things I enjoy, Music and gigs. God I miss the smell and sounds of a dirty metal festival!! And the mosh pits. Oh my, Have I missed that!!
I like stupid TV, like Letterkenny and Corner Gas. Horror movies are definitely my thing too.
I'm a really easy going person but I've found myself a bit lost during Covid. Detached from my friends, which I have possibly realised they are just now ghosting me. I don't feel super close to my work colleagues either as we share no real mutual interests. My partner is super supportive, but she can only listen to so much of me.
I'm not looking for a quick $%$#. I'm not against flirty chats, but I'd really like to find some new mates. Hopefully I find some people I click with M,F, Alien Lama, whatever.
HMU if you'd like a new buddy!
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2021.10.28 05:46 ThePontiacBandit_99 Mikulás

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2021.10.28 05:46 Lefeevert Is this fasciated or is it straight up virus/herbicide damage? (small distinction I know) Just wondering if it’s worth leaving or removing. (Regular Dodonea viscosa leaf at the bottom)

Is this fasciated or is it straight up virus/herbicide damage? (small distinction I know) Just wondering if it’s worth leaving or removing. (Regular Dodonea viscosa leaf at the bottom) submitted by Lefeevert to whatsthisplant [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 05:46 windowsexplougher Indian Anklets

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2021.10.28 05:46 Minu_Lansak Sketch (A6)

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2021.10.28 05:46 TurboPigCartRacer Autocomplete your CloudFormation Resources in VS Code

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2021.10.28 05:46 InternetBrowser1834 Are there any places in UB that sells Halloween costumes relatively cheap?

I’m looking for a place that sells Halloween costume or at least costume material for less than 20,000₮. Quality isn’t much of an issue, it only needs to last a few hours.
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2021.10.28 05:46 jeranga Fairlaunch Today! | 14.30utc | ironfloki billionaire | rebase and rewarding token

|FAIR LAUNCH| 14.30 UTC, OCTOBER 28th 2021
IRONFLOKI BILLIONAIRE will be the most rebase and rewarding coin, spill offers $ DOGE holders simply the option to save every 45 minutes.
The developer has implemented all their information in this agreement to ensure that it contains 1000% SAFU tokens, rug proof, anti whale and long lasting projects. The team makes a strong impression and gets along very well with the Telegram network, we remarkably sure this will clearly mooning!
Great exaggeration on this coin. Trendy for days with dextools and warm couples at coingecko, CMC and Btok.
Tokenomics 💥 Total Supply: $1BILLION 🎁 6% Rewards DOGE 💸 3% Marketing and Development 💸 2% Ecosystem 💵 2% Liquidity
💲Rebase and Rewards Token 🏢 Huge Marketing 📃 Verified Contract 😎 Based Dev Team 🔒 LP Lock for 1 year 📑 CMC, Coingecko, BTOKS Full focus 💯 SAFU
⏳Countdown : SOON
Social media
💬 Telegram : https://t.me/ironflokibillionaireofficial
💬 Twitter : https://twitter.com/ironflokibillionaireofficial
🌐 Website : https://ironflokibillionaire.link
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2021.10.28 05:46 JOELwindows7 (findable in Archive.org wayback machine though) 3 and more unavailable / taken down Friday Night Funkin mods

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2021.10.28 05:46 Normal-Bee-2112 Looking for Silver TOTW Kone

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2021.10.28 05:46 SnipingArms (Speer) Lawman Handgun CleanFire Training 45 Auto 45 Auto 230gr. $60.99 CPR:(1.21) Quantity: 50 Limit: None

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2021.10.28 05:46 nonae9q47 Akathisia or inner restlessness is making me feel like I'm gonna lose my mind sometimes

My ADHD is actually severe and antipsychotics just mess with it more. Horced to take them tho in addition to Champix and Naltrexone to be clean. That would never work I need some dopamine please...
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2021.10.28 05:46 bobbydablue Hopeful for the future but alone

I don't know if this is PTSD or not but I don't know where else to talk about it. Im in the military. I'm older, have quite a few trips, been shot at, shot, blown up, seen soldiers die, and I'm still currently serving.
Most of my life I have never felt anything but anger and self hatred. I dont know how to feel love or empathy. Like I understand how to outwardly show it and I play a dam good part, I'm charming and friendly, have many friends. Except I feel nothing towards them, my wife and kids I feel nothing for. I'm a good dad, husband, and friend but I feel nothing towards them. I don't wish harm on anyone, I'm not a criminal, but I use people for what I need. I generally treat people fairly and probly give my wife to much "love" as over compensation. I have no guilt, embarrassesment sometimes but no guilt.
For the longest time I hated myself for how I felt inside. I couldn't understand why I wasn't able to cry like everyone else. I couldn't understand why I couldn't feel love, I tried to force myself for so long and hated myself for it.
Then at the start of this year I started to see a therapist and was put on medication. I went through two different therapists and I thought I was doing well with this last one. We were working on acceptance, it has been really helping. I still can't make true connections but at least I'm not hating myself.
Recently my therapist started to talk to me about ASPD and how she wanted to switch me to another provider that could maybe help me better. I didn't know what ASPD was so I started to look it up and some things seem to fall in line. The issue is this isn't looked well at in the military and can in some situations be cause for separation. I'm entirely to close to retirement for this so I made a decision to "get better" and be finished with therapy. I'm to close to risk anything.
Its also difficult because being overseas was the best time in my life. The pure focus, nothing else mattered but the moment your in. It's addicting, nothing else comes close to it. But it's like I'm not allowed to say this because "war is hell".
I think my situation has allowed me to thrive overseas. But I can't talk about it, if I do I'm bad or somthing. I tried reaching out on the ASPD page but people are either edge lords, gate keeping, or have muddled views because they are civilians. Idk maybe I do have PTSD and this is all a copeing mechanism. I don't think I have ASPD though because I'm not a criminal and I dont want to harm people.
Medication and acceptance of who I am has made huge strides for my well being this year. I no longer hate myself. Now I just feel absolutely alone. Can anyone else relate to this or am I really alone?
If anyone can relate does this high I'm riding of acceptance wear off and does everything come crashing back down? It's so nice to not hate myself, I just hope it lasts.
Thank you reading my ramblings, if this is the wrong place I'm sorry I just don't know where to go. Written on my phone, please forgive the Grammer. I'm probly going to delete this in a few days as well because in still serving and I would like to avoid a trail.
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2021.10.28 05:46 Tbagyogrill People don't just have different opinions anymore. People live in whole different realities.

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2021.10.28 05:46 1Z99_Twitch I CANT GET IT

Papers papers papers I'm dying going here and there and termin and calls n' shit all over again with everything i do .... Broooooo i fuxking hate the second i put my feet in this country, this is so stressful to live with, i don't know how you all can accept this life and this old government bullshit 🤮🤮🤮
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