"Zlatan" spænder skøjterne og går på isen for Danmark

2022.01.20 16:20 newsdk "Zlatan" spænder skøjterne og går på isen for Danmark

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2022.01.20 16:20 GTAclipster [Gta]

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2022.01.20 16:20 Willing-Clock-8884 xoana gonzalez noche es mia dia de la leche

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2022.01.20 16:20 imnotpurplelikelean Bro 💀💀💀

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2022.01.20 16:20 Kk1239 18F. Can a panic Attack cause a fever?

I went to the hospital a couple days ago for a panic attack and they said I had a fever. I’m wasn’t sick though.
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2022.01.20 16:20 Vardox_12 I'm thinking about quit gaming for my 15th birthday

It was my 15th birthday two days ago and I feel like quitting gaming. I don't think I'm super addicted but I still feel like uninstalling all games. I got rid of all mobile games
The only game I play when I'm bored is Geometry Dash, which is pretty addicting once you start beating harder levels because you want to beat more and more of them, you always want to improve your skill to beat hard levels in less attempts. Also, if you like creating levels, if you want to make a rated level, it can take anywhere from a few hours to hundreds of hours for the best levels in the game.
I have a few problems though. What can I do to kill time in school or when waiting for doctor or in a car? I can't really read books while sitting because I always get a headache when looking down. What can I talk about with my friends? Many people in my class love playing games. And I don't think they're interested in reading books.
I also want to use social media less, it's as addicting as video games and you get nothing out of it.
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2022.01.20 16:20 MicJalbert Traveling and working remotely from Turkey

Hi everyone! Sorry I do not speak Turkish 😔
I was thinking of traveling to Turkey at the end of February for a month. Working remotely and doing some outdoor activities! Is it doable right now (because of COVID)? Is it easy to find restaurant and cafe with free Wi-Fi? Is it possible to buy a prepaid SIM card with a large quantity of 4G internet?
I was thinking of going to Romania, but the COVID restrictions there seems to be a bit difficult. I'm vaccinated by the way!
I know, is a bit boring to answer that but I would really appreciate!
Thank you so much!
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2022.01.20 16:20 silabus292 BEST. GAME. EVER.

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2022.01.20 16:20 newsdk Hydrema ansætter krigsveteraner: - De giver den samme produktionsværdi, siger direktør

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2022.01.20 16:20 Furranky Rollercoin referall for a free 1000 satoshi headstart

https://rollercoin.com/?r=kxqfmjsj rollercoin is a minig simulator game that allows you to earn free cryptos I pair it together with a facuet like FaucetCrypto which allows me to get some extra pennies https://faucetcrypto.com/ref/1696097
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2022.01.20 16:20 WetBlanketParty A bit long, but such a good explanation of what’s going on in court

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2022.01.20 16:20 Tigerdad1973 Painful / stiff pinky

16m European
Hello, my left pinky is stiff and is painful to move more than 90° It’s been like this for almost 6months and it starts to get annoying.
It does kinda look weird and my lowest joint is a bit larger and painful (looks a bit out of place)
I have pretty much lost my strength do to not able to close /bend my pinky.
Is it something to worry about or will it get better after a while.
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2022.01.20 16:20 La2Sea2Atx Do Tricksters need to do the Fool King quest to reach mythic level 10?

I ask because I was able to get to Areelu’s laboratory without doing the Fool King quest line. I know thematically crowning a drunken beggar kind fits with what the trickster does but I the way I was playing my MC was opposed to all forms of monarchy (I always give talk back to and undermine Queen Galfrey when given the chance as well).
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2022.01.20 16:20 jacejs5 Advice for Starting?

Hey, so I was just prescribed lexapro by my doctor a day ago and was going to start today. I was reading a lot about it on this subreddit and have a few questions. I know obviously you shouldn’t drink while on meds. But these next two weekends I have commitments (involving drinking) that I agreed to before I was prescribed lexapro. Not to mention these commitments are celebrations for my brothers birthday.
My biggest question is; what would be the wisest decision? I’ve never been on an SSRI before so I don’t know much about it. If I were to start lexapro today, would I be able to take a day or two off to celebrate my brothers bday, or would that ruin the effects. My brother says I should wait until after we’re done celebrating (basically in two weeks), but I don’t feel like that’s a good idea especially since my doctor wants me to start it soon.
Anyone who has experience, what would you do in this situation?
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2022.01.20 16:19 OldDione New Donny Cates´s villain on HULK #3???

Hey people, who do you think is this new figure that just appeared in HULK #3? Would you say that Donny Cates is going to use the Evil Hulk or will he invent a new entity?
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2022.01.20 16:19 KxngL3VV15 I’m thinking about buying a cane corso puppy, any tips?

My 13 year old boxer just passed away a few weeks ago and my parents want to get another dog eventually and I mentioned we should get a cane corso. My dad always wanted a big breed of dog but my mom got a boxer both times we got s dog because she loves boxers personalities. I recommended a cane corso and my dad had never heard of the breed and fell in love looking at pictures of them. He said “those motherfuckers are badass looking” lol. I planned on pitching in to help purchase whatever pup we get next and it’s looking like everyone in the house is liking the idea of a cane corso. I know they need to be socialized almost immediately and be around kids because I was told they’re kinda aggressive to strangers and very protective of their family. But is there anything else I should know or any advice anyone has for me and my family on getting and training a corso pup.
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2022.01.20 16:19 FiveDigitLP Unable to download beta version of Insider Hub for PC

I received the option to join the preview yesterday and immediately joined, but when I click on "Show in Store" it just takes me to the standard Insider Hub app which (naturally) has an "Open" button. I tried a few more times throughout the day yesterday, but thought surely it would be resolved today since it says there could be a delay of 20 minutes.
Any ideas as to why it's not letting me join the preview? I do have some other weird issues when it comes to my Xbox account staying logged in on this PC (my work one), so it could be related to that. Still need to work out that with MS support somehow...
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2022.01.20 16:19 WeAct4Progress Progressive Strategy Summit Next Thursday!

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2022.01.20 16:19 peachy_dev LinKme

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2022.01.20 16:19 sikappu_marunthu Tamil Nadu student kills self alleging abuse, forced conversion, hostel warden arrested

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2022.01.20 16:19 HowSR Tell me you're German without telling me you're German.

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2022.01.20 16:19 Novel_Flamingo4042 Social media mental health advocates can be extremely annoying when they overdo it

Virtually any social cause can be used for witch hunting.
If you use your issues to paint others as public enemies, or blame those issues on others you don’t even know, you’re a problem regardless of how pertinent that cause is.
Going around social media commenting things like “you’re the one to blame for my depression!!!” Is just one more way to crave attention.
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2022.01.20 16:19 BboyPuffYO Griefers aren't the problem. Exploit money and godmode are. I'm working toward a solution on Psn.

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2022.01.20 16:19 CrashBandicootAus Australia - 8hrs ago - Crisis of Faith!!!! 🤘🤘

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2022.01.20 16:19 CIAGloriaSteinem Does your MMR get reset when rewards are handed out?

Could someone theoretically get to mythic and then just start throwing matches until the reset, and then start off with an easy run back to mythic?
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