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Kyle v. Big K and the Cuck - full transcript, Part 2.

2022.01.20 17:10 SourWokeBooey Kyle v. Big K and the Cuck - full transcript, Part 2.

When we last left our dastardly duo, Bort was threatening to fight Kyle, Big K was desperately trying to ask a question, and the hosts muted Kyle after a nonstop barrage of insults. Link to video below. Let’s continue:
Host: Alright, un-mute him. So look man, I appreciate your uh, intensity, and I do know you have a lot of subscribers and get a lot of views.
Kyle: Wait wait wat…stop babbling. (something) a legend. You got no subs I got over 10,000. You’re a nobody, shut your mouth and learn how it’s done. Learn how YouTube and the internet is done.
Bort: You know what, I will fucking knock you into next week.
Kyle. Stop talking. Everyone who makes money…only people who make money at this can talk. Shut your mouth. Now, I didn’t leave the Stern show to get on the ground room floor at Twitch as these two did. They think they’re the Jimmy Kimmel show running a YouTube channel with less than 1,000 subs.
Bort: You’re a fucking pussy. I will knock you out.
Big K: Can I ask you a serious question?
Kyle: You stink. You’re not funny, you’re not interesting, no one likes you. You’re an idiot. Your bitch is hideous.
Bort: You’re not interesting! Your mom doesn’t like you. I will knock you out. With your wrist and your fucking piercing in your eyebrow.
Kyle: By the way I showed her OnlyFans in my Discord, and it broke my fucking computer screen it’s so hideous. You want to see the Mona Lisa after eating a buffet?
Bort: I will fucking knock you into next week.
Host: Why is he mad at us? We just gave him an opportunity. We’re the jerks?
Second host: I thought it was funny.
Kyle: Brent has his physical threats. But I’m a big, black dude, he can’t be physical with me. What are you talking about? I’ll smack this n**** in 2 seconds.
Bort: Yeah OK. I see you on there.
Kyle: What’d you say, Baldy?
Big K: I have a quick question for you, and I don’t know if you’re going to answer, but it’s like a for-real question.
Bort: He can’t answer one.
Big K: I understand you have a lot of followers/subscribers.
Bort: So he says.
Big K: No, they confirmed it, he does. Let me just finish my question, I allowed you to talk all your shit.
Kyle: How much for a blowjob, bitch? I mean you’re already showing your tits for money.
Bort: So what?! So what?!
Kyle: I mean you can’t ride the pole, maybe you can suck a dick. Do you have any skills?
Big K: Can I talk for a second? Can you turn him off for a second?
Host: I feel bad to have to keep muting him. I wanted him to come on and actually have a conversation.
Big K: [Finally, her big soliloquy) Here’s my question – and I know he’s not going to answer it but I’m just going to throw it out there anyway – he has all these subscribers, it seems like he’s doing well, and good for him. Great, I’m glad that he’s doing well. I have no angst towards anybody. I know Brent does, he has plenty of angst, but I don’t have any angst towards anybody, I don’t hate anybody. Even if somebody was being a total asshole to me like this guy, and let’s say in a month was like, ‘You know what I realized I was being a dick and I’m sorry and can we cool?’, Brent wouldn’t be but I would, I’d say ‘OK fine’. So if you’re happy and you have all these subscribers and all this money, then WHY waste your time coming after us? You could use that valuable time to continue to make your stuff better, and to work on your happiness and your life. Why try to bring other people down? I’m not trying to bring you down. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. I don’t want to be mean to you. I just want to be happy.
Kyle: Why is the big radio show picking on us? Alright, let me respond. I’ll respond eloquently.
Big K: I appreciate it.
Kyle: The last video I did about you was 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t care enough about you, I just laugh at your hilarious lives, that Twitch approached you on the ground room floor.
Bort: They did.
Kyle: They got rid of Dr. Disrespect (inaudible) but you got suspended.
Bort: We never said that. You’re wrong.
Big K: Hold on. I’m sorry, real quick…
Kyle: Let me finish. They won’t let me finish
Big K: The question isn’t about anything you said, we didn’t see that. I don’t go looking for me. Whatever you said, fine – I don’t care. I’m just saying in general, like what you’re saying today on this show. I’m not saying what you’ve done in the past, I don’t care I haven’t seen it. I’m just saying what you’re saying tonight, like the rude shit – I just don’t understand why you care so much. For real.
Kyle: OK, ok, let me reply. Well your first claim was I just upload your videos, which was bullshit, that’s why I said that. But, I’m big enough, I don’t look at shit, people send me shit and I make fun of you. Which is fine but you signed a deal with Twitch and got suspended 3 days in. You DIDN’T sign a deal. It’s sad. You got fired from the Stern show.
Bort: No we didn’t.
Kyle: You started a Twitch channel, it failed. You’re showing your cunt for 50 bucks on OnlyFans. It didn’t work! Just admit it! You’re boomers. That’s why we’re laughing at you. You’re like, “Twitch came at us with a deal…”
Bort: Hold on. You’re a liar.
Kyle: We’re on the internet, we’re not stupid.
Bort: Yeah you are stupid.
Kyle: A representative from Twitch didn’t hit up the Hatley camp, in your fucking trailer, and say “Hey here’s a multimillion-dollar deal! You’re suspended for 3 days.”
Bort: I never said that, dummy.
Kyle: You’re funny to laugh at. You look like the Mona Lisa and you’re horrible, but you’re selling your cunt pictures. Your boyfriend had to get a day job because your Twitch channel failed. It’s just funny to make fun of you. I haven’t done it in weeks. But it’s funny now.
Big K: Are we allowed to talk for a second?
Bort: But you’re not funny. You’re not funny.
Kyle: I’m hilarious.
Big K: I’m going to let you have a conversation with him, Brent. Enjoy.
Bort: Thank you. You’re not funny. You’re an asshole.
Kyle: Well yeah, I might be an asshole, to unfunny people.
Host: She just walked away!
Kyle: Aw I made her leave! Come back baby. $50 bucks right now, suck my dick. Show us your tits.
Host: Oh come on. That’s not right.
Bort: You know what, you would never say that to my face. I would fuck your world up.
Host: Boot him.
Kyle: 50 bucks, right now. You’re already selling your tits and cunt. Come on. Suck my dick.
Bort: I would put you in the ICU. Fuck it, I’m from the south, I’m not a pussy like you. I’m from the south.
Host: Alright, he’s gone. Tell Katelyn she can come back.
Bort: Katelyn, come back.
Kyle: I think they might have kicked me.
Host. I think Katelyn is very upset. That went well. What a great idea.
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2022.01.20 17:10 Ms-Jessica-Rabbit Women who claim they don't know about cars because they're women are just as bad as the men who claim incompetence with their children/household chores

Maybe not just as bad, but personally it pisses me off more. The few men who have been unlucky enough to use weaponized incompetence against me with their household responsibilities (boy job vs girl job in the house, you know the drill with gender norms) have been surprisingly willing to admit their wrongness in those times and gone out of their way to learn what they need to to take care of their homes and children.
The women I've come across who know nothing about their OWN vehicles? Not so much. I'll try to explain to them that being a girl is not an excuse to know NADA about their mode of transportation, and they just play dumb! I am a 21 yr old female who is perfectly capable of learning the basic ins and outs of my vehicle, why do other women act like that's so taboo and they shouldn't have to?? They better not be the same women go on FB complaining about their husbands not doing dishes or changing diapers... Just saying.
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Preferably in a Luxury/Friend Ball, but fine without.
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I made a discord sever and I'm gonna host tournaments on there and stuff like that so join and stick around for that click here to join
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I (22m) have been with my partner (22f) for 4 and a half years now. I do love her, but feeling like I’m too young to be in a serious relationship like this. Things have been quite tough lately; she’s recently came off her antidepressants, which she went on to help with her anger issues. This means that now she’s getting very snappy and agitated with me and in general, and it’s really starting to get me down too. I’m trying to sympathise with her, but it’s hard to when I have to tread on egg shells. She’s a pretty girl, but when she starts getting angry it really makes me feel less attracted to her. Just feeling like we don’t get along anymore; all we do is argue. She never respects me too, and always talks to me like crap, even in public places.
I kinda want to take a break, but kinda scared to bring it up because she will start getting angry and it can get a bit embarrassing as our flatmates overhear and stuff. It’s just hard to reason with her. Im actually scared to break things off. Now that I write this, it seems ridiculous but that’s just the facts.
TLDR: my girlfriend has anger issues and I’ve had enough, but too scared to exit relationship.
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2022.01.20 17:10 LeniHS I reached 90 Days but I am going through a stressful period right now, and I am almost thinking of relapsing

In these 3 months I had so many benefits in terms of focus and emotional mastery and especially how I see and perceive women around me.
The problem is that right now I have so much pressure on me, - I have to study for exams and I need to pass them otherwise I will pay an additional tax at my university, and I am really behind my schedule

I feel so much overwhelmed and angry, I am having multiple thoughts of just watching porn and relapsing all over the place.
Pls help
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the best thing you can do is stop looking at the mirror everyday looking for results! let minox work by itself!
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What is better nadh or nmn?
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Hey guys! I'm having this problem where i can't override a class i assignt to an original component (Working with Vue).
The original component is a "p" element that has an extended color attribute and a dark: version for it

I want to override those extended color classes with another 2 extended ones, but they aren't being replace. Also, if i use important "!" it only takes the base color but wont detect the new dark:
Does somebody has an idea of what might be happening? Thanks!
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Can anyone tell me what this style would be called? Also does anyone know of any artists in California that do work like this?
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