d7a5e 399t8 e8ks4 d9724 tas8a s2dsy 9zsar z3rzh k4e3f 75f5s 8isrf s77yn rya7z rtk7d yf748 d23ir eh322 8ey64 9hk9e 8r3hi 66t3y What secret does Pearl tell Steven? Only wrong answers ;b |

What secret does Pearl tell Steven? Only wrong answers ;b

2022.01.20 17:37 Lisbeth_OrzoK What secret does Pearl tell Steven? Only wrong answers ;b

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2022.01.20 17:37 Warren1317 Am I the only one who goes to Fallon Basement to steal by pure spite?

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2022.01.20 17:37 night_owl_72 New Dark Reaper Base Sizes

Is it safe to assume they will go up to 28mm like banshees? Anyone with a good eye, can you tell from the new images? Just finished painting my metal ones now. Thanks!
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2022.01.20 17:37 inamericatoday Did I lose life?

I'm a sophomore and last year I did really bad but I didn't fail any classes and I really want to go to college. However my first semester of sophomore year i failed three classes due to lack of motivation (which is still my fault.) Can I make it to college?
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2022.01.20 17:37 IbexDaGoat Im sorry but AI scavs need Inertia!

Im sick of getting killed by scavs, rouges and raiders that are just sprinting around like crazy dodging bullets and then proning while getting on target shots on me from 50 plus meters away. Even close range this more annoying because you cant track them down the ground while they are shooting still.
To be frank its bull shit. I dont go to lighthouse, reserve or labs anymore because im sick of them running after me and drop shotting me like its call of duty. Ruins the fun. I am all for them being hard to kill and all.
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2022.01.20 17:37 andreab22 https://loverfans.com/Andreabreu

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2022.01.20 17:37 Crazyleggggs Fuck my tech stocks are bleeding so bad 🥲

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2022.01.20 17:37 Competitive-Might-29 Bocata e pollo

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2022.01.20 17:37 JooZt made a little doom/drone mix, hope ya'll like it

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2022.01.20 17:37 Unique-Dependent-602 $300k Giveaway Prices - Drop your Address ⬇️

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2022.01.20 17:37 -rabid- Happy 1st birthday to my moustache! 🎂

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2022.01.20 17:37 LemmeBuildThat ich💰iel

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2022.01.20 17:37 svanapps North Korean hackers said to have stolen nearly $400 million in cryptocurrency last year

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2022.01.20 17:37 lss_bvt_ios_05 TextPost-81467

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2022.01.20 17:37 canthardlybait Traveling with my toddler and feeling super overwhelmed!

I haven't been to any of the Disney parks in over a decade, and between COVID, the first experience traveling with a tot (2 going on 3, gotta get it in before I gotta pay) and the new app and tech (the wallet, and genie, and is it just me or is the app garbage??) I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.
We got our flights are going in February. 2 days at the park (Sunday and Monday), reserved for magic kingdom both days with a park Hopper pass. I'm thinking adding Hollywood studios as a Hopper the first day and Epcot the second day. I only really got the hoppers for different character meetings and food, but I figured some of the toy story stuff would be fun for the wee one as well.
We have our hotel, it's a Marriott about 5 minutes away with a shuttle. We get in early in the morning so planning a rest day on either side of the park plans (so Saturday and Tuesday) to hang out the pool and veg out a bit.
My kid is obsessed with Mickey mouse right now so all I've really been able to focus on is character meet and greets and the parade I guess. With COVID though it seems a bit harder, but the Disney website isn't really explicit on how COVID has affected some of these things.
I read the FAQ and that was helpful but I still have a ton of other questions 1. Which rides would you recommend/prioritize for a toddler? 2. Are there any other Mickey-focused attractions that I should look into? 3. Are there particular dining experiences for kids you would recommend? I don't want to eat to much in the park because $$$, but would like to do one or two meals. 4. What are the biggest impacts COVID has made to the guest experience? 5. I always figured long wait times were for more of the older kids/grown up rides. How long is the average wait time for things like tea cups, haunted mansion, or small world? 6. Are there any specific blogs/websites/posts you recommend? Either focused on COVID or park recommendations for families with small kids? 7. Any recommendations for souvenirs for kids that we should specifically look out for? 8. Am I right in thinking dining with characters isn't going up happen? If it's possible then where specifically should I look to reserve (Epcot, MK or Hollywood) 9. Are there certain parts of the app or services you recommend using, either for planning or day of? 10. Nice, heavy duty stroller with ton of storage space, out lightweight travel stroller? 11. Any more sage advice?
I apologize if some of these questions are super basic or whatever, I just feel like the website is not as user friendly as I would hope, and I just want to make the most out of a short trip.
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2022.01.20 17:37 Neverlost10 Seeking safety advice in hospital setting (recent grad)

I currently work in a major hospital that is having issues creating an action plan regarding the handling & disposal of sharps. The hospital recently lost its waste management contractors (COVID related) and now Environmental services is being asked to take on the role of sharp waste and disposal. No one on the safety board is certified for whatever reason and I’m the only one with any real safety credentials ( GSP/ ASHM). Any advice on a potential action plan would help as solutions from the Board/EVS have been well… questionable to say the least.
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2022.01.20 17:37 bigredkansan [WTS] Guntec dedicated 9mm upper and handgaurd combo $110 (KS)

Both used on my AR9, rail is mlok and 10" long in FDE. Has some salt spots, barrel nut has some salt on the wrench spots but each bolt hole functions, comes with the 6 to attach it and 5 extra bolts.
$110 shipped to you!
Paypal F&f preferred (g&s fee picked up by buyer)
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2022.01.20 17:37 doughsoup Weekly 5x5

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2022.01.20 17:37 thatonesailor [USA-CA] [H] PayPal, local cash [Ryzen 3600, 5600x]

Looking for a used Ryzen 3600 (base or x series) or 5600x for purchase. Prefer without the cooler as I have one. Thank you
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2022.01.20 17:37 Revolver123 What’s behind the cause of inflation?

Some of my Republican coworkers are saying the government is to blame for inflation because the government is spending too much money in helping society.
I think that’s BS. I think inflation is a symptom of capitalism.
Is there anything or any evidence I can provide to show that inflation is caused by capitalism?
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2022.01.20 17:37 Individual-Driver523 NIKO AVOCADO GETS JUMP SCARED! (meme)

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2022.01.20 17:37 dizzyav8r My new orange Sakura and their second day In my tank

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2022.01.20 17:37 SimcaJB Survivor - 1. epizoda

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2022.01.20 17:37 Professional-Sign-13 ITAP of Chicago in the summer

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2022.01.20 17:37 dusty101011 Tom Clancy rolling in his grave at Ubisoft’s massacre of Rainbow Six

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