kde85 aert5 7nhk9 78isy s8e9a h487d 3hh6f b7ktn en4r3 4kza5 ft3nt 4zh3t nn42h 93dkf ttzi8 iah8b bey5t dtenh 24zrn 7nd94 ith75 Apartaments for married graduate students |

Apartaments for married graduate students

2022.01.20 18:00 Bogotabear Apartaments for married graduate students

Hi everyone, my wife and I are looking for apartments that can be recommended for graduate students. We are looking for a quiet place that is in a safe neighborhood. It would be nice if it was pet friendly and under 2k a month. We are not interested in parties or making lots of friends. We prefer to keep to ourselves and work on our studies. Thank you for any help you could provide!
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2022.01.20 18:00 sadflorins Excellent news! I peeked in on my spatulatus and saw this girl dropping off the first babies of the tub

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2022.01.20 18:00 Chromayy Sundrip

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2022.01.20 18:00 flora6192 Need Advice With “Friendship” w Person I Like

Hello hello. So just some background. I met this guy in one of my classes last semester (4-5 months ago). I met him through one of my other friends in that class. I told her I thought he was cute and idrc if she told him. My friend showed him pictures of me and he said I was cute. I followed him on ig. Later he swiped up on one of my stories and we began to talk. We became hella close. I assumed that things that he (in the time) was doing out of friendship, he did it bc he liked me. So one day I told him that I liked him and lets just say.. he didnt feel the same way. After this though, we became much closer. Like we would randomly ft and hang out and I was chill w not being romantically involved w him. Over winter break tho, we barely texted because I was going through some stuff that he doesnt know about. Now come the second semester, and Ive noticed that our conversations are much more drier. Idk whats going on.
he hits me up asking if im back on campus and to teach him something. He also hmu asking about a class. It was his b day recently and I wanted to do something for it (not only bc I like him but more so bc i like doing things for my friends on their b day). I asked if he wanted to hang out the noght before his b day. Btw he didnt know it was for his b day. He said he was busy. I didnt explain myself. Next day(day of his b day) I went home bc i had something. I wished him happy b day through text he responded saying thank you. Then he say ur the best. Then i explain that I wanted to do something the day before his bday but we can do something later if hes down. He didnt respond to that. So now im overthinking and I dont know where we stand anymore. Im a very anxious person and I just dont know what to do or if I should just not speak to him again. Cuz quite frankly, I feel so upset and humiliated.
TL/DR: I started liking this guy in my class. We became friends. I told him I liked him but he didnt like me back. We became closer friends. And now hes acting distant.
Maybe he thinks im doing it out of my feelings for him? Honestly idk whats going on. Would appreciate any advice.
My sister thinks I do too much and that he likes the attention I give him but he doesnt like me.
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2022.01.20 18:00 AudioPluginGuy Get 75% off VOXPAT (VST/AU) by Digital Brain Instruments. Expiry: February 22nd

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2022.01.20 18:00 beepingview Who were Michonne’s pet zombies, and why did she say they “deserved what they got because they weren't human to begin with”?

Did the show ever explain the backstory of these two zombies?
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2022.01.20 18:00 Fun-Development-6081 Amiibo

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2022.01.20 18:00 Rinku588 My hype was already high before I saw him

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2022.01.20 18:00 Hortalez 1642712408 : SYMBOLOLATRY

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2022.01.20 18:00 vekkares Full Roster?

Is it the full roster on the site or are there more coming? It’s the weakest legends roster since 20 and we know how that went. Really hopeful for about 2 dozen more, otherwise I am passing this year as well.
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2022.01.20 18:00 jeppejey One word for sexual/romantic attraction

Since many people haven't recognised the destinction between sexual and romantic attraction it makes the majority of people to only talk about sexual attraction exclusively (even tough they might also mean romantic attraction, I feel like it becomes exclusively sex based and ignores the love part)
Is there a word that encapsulates sexual AND romantic attraction that could be used instead?
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2022.01.20 18:00 Superior_Sass [US-FL][H]PS Vita Games, Switch Games, Pokemon FireRed, and other games. [W]Paypal

Looking to get rid of a bit of my games and stuff. I've got some PS Vita games that I don't play anymore. Everything is listed below. Let me know if you want pics of a specific item. All prices include shipping.
PS Vita Games:
Uncharted: Golden Abyss- 50
Persona 4 Golden- 60
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus- 45
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (Code is Used)- 25
Sid Meier's Civilization 6- 10
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD- 15
Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania- 25
Battle for Bikini Bottom HD- 25
Pokemon FireRed- 75
3DS & DS Games
Fire Emblem: Awakening CIB- 40
YuGiOh GX: Spirit Caller CIB- 40
Other Games
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric- 25
Wii Fit U CIB (Big Box with Balance Board)- 60
Everything else below is 5 bucks-
Wipeout 3 (Wii U)
Lego Dimensions (Wii U)
Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival
Madden NFL 08 (Wii)
Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Wii)
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2022.01.20 18:00 Previous_Eagle_3856 ⭐️ Mati ( matildem )

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2022.01.20 18:00 ItsTimeForAnAlt Less is more folks, unite

Hey guys, I wanted to reach out and ask the "less is more" people of this sub a few questions. I realize some people have to take 5g to feel anything and I feel like no one really knows why and I'm curious.

  1. Gender / weight
  2. Metabolism speed
  3. Length of use
  4. Amount per dose / Amount per day
  5. Past opioid tolerance?
I'll start.
I'm a 140lb male with a quick metabolism. I've been using Kratom for a little over a year (6 months on, 3 months off, 6 months on). My typical dose amount is 1.3-1.7g 2x/day, though today I took 1g 2x. I do not have prior opioid tolerance. Originally I was taking 3.5g 2x/day but I feel I get stronger effects with less.
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2022.01.20 18:00 Will_breaker721 Glad to finally be a part of the ZR2 crowd after locating this beautiful Bison. Matte grey wrap on, all lights upgraded to LED’s, Tonneau bed cover installed. Now time to get out there and contribute to this page. Any groups I should be aware of? Let’s go!

Glad to finally be a part of the ZR2 crowd after locating this beautiful Bison. Matte grey wrap on, all lights upgraded to LED’s, Tonneau bed cover installed. Now time to get out there and contribute to this page. Any groups I should be aware of? Let’s go! submitted by Will_breaker721 to zr2 [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 18:00 Petznief meirl

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2022.01.20 18:00 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 228

RAK and Roll!/Shadows of Centris

The Knee Cutter Society was fully gathered. Their many eyes and ears were reporting in and their faces and forms all concealed by their wide and breezy robes. It was their duty, their right to ensure that... that...
The head of The Knee Cutter Society cannot help but stare. The guardswomen at the entrance. Their stomachs were stretched out so far that it was shown on the robes. Little bulges outward beyond their breasts. On both of them. Both.
She wasn’t sensing danger, but there was something up. She holds up her hand and points to the guardswoman at the entrance.
“You there! You Breakers, come forward!” The Head of The Knee Cutter Society calls out and both guards turn with surprise colouring their presence. “Approach the council!”
Black robes rustling both guardswomen slowly walk up. Clearly making a point to not trip over the robes in question. They both give their spears a little clip in unity as they come to attention in front of her. Their prominent stomachs are even more pronounced up close.
“Lady Knee Cutter?” The left guard asks after a moment.
“What are those?” She demands pointing to their bulging guts.
“Our robes?” The right guard asks.
“No, I don’t see any stains. I think she means our stomachs.” The left guard supplies.
“Oh! We’re pregnant!” The right guard announces happily.
Pregnant? How could they be pregnant! She was The Head of the Knee Cutter Society and she didn’t... oh... they probably bought an insemination procedure.
“And what made it seem like a good idea to pay the sperm bank a visit when you’re working as active guards? I assure you both that you’re not here for decoration. You will be called upon to protect us should intruders emerge.”
“I’m aware milady but we... uhm...” The left guard begins.
“We’ve been fucking our husband!” The right guard chimes out and the left one puts a hand to her head.
“Nitta she didn’t need to know that.”
“But Nikka! It’s awesome! We’re going to be moms! And it’s going to be different from our mom and dad with...” Nitta’s boasting is cut short as Nikka reaches out and holds her free hand against her sister’s mouth.
“You two are married!?” The Head of the Knee Cutters demands. This could not be! She was the head of this organization! She was beautiful, smart and wealthy! How could she be single while the dregs of The Knee Cutters were getting married!?
“Well...” The left guard, Nikka trails off clearly reading the situation, a skill which dumb muscle should not have and The Head of the Knee Cutters grows even more furious.
“Get out.” She snarls down at them.
“What?” The left guard, Nitta asks.
“GET OUT! I will NOT have my guards fraternizing and putting everything we’ve built at risk! How DARE you both get married... uh... how dare you compromise our security by spilling secrets as some idiot bimbo man pumps you full of his spawn! Get out!”
“OUT! You two whores are excommunicated from my-” Her rant is cut off when something slams into the door outside and everything goes quiet.
“Fine. We’re fired.” Nikka says showing a respectable level of spite as she throws down her spear. Her sister does the same but only after giving her a baffled look.
“Hold on, that could be dangerous!”
“You just fired us. We’re not the guards here anymore, you don’t have protection anymore and we, are out of here. Come on sis, let’s get out of these ugly robes and see who can appreciate a mother’s touch in the protection business.” Nikka says pulling off the robe and tossing it onto the dropped spears. Nitta quickly follows.
The dark haired sister wobbles a bit off balance before putting a hand on her stomach. She and her sister were both in comfortable pants and shirts that stretched over their stomachs and did nothing to hide the fact that not only were both women very pregnant, but with multiple babies. As is normal for Metak.
“But there’s a-” The Head of the Knee Cutters shouts as there’s a knock on the door.
“Who is it?” Nitta calls out. Nikka sighs in frustration.
“Me.” A deep rumbling voice answers. It’s like sweet candy on velvet and sends naughty imaginings through their minds and down to the nethers.
“Hubby!” Nitta shouts with glee and rushes to what’s supposed to be a hidden doorway as Nitta stares.
“But we never told him where we guarding!” Nikka protests out loud.
“Hey there little thing, how are you and our three doing?” Koa asks as Nitta opens the door. Crouched in the frame is the massive and imposing form of Koa that Nitta hugs by sheer reflex before standing up on her tiptoes to kiss him.
“We just got fired!” Nitta says and his eyebrows go up.
“Really? Is it something I did?” He asks scanning the room.
“What?” He asks in surprise clearly having not expected that answer.
“Me and Nikka!” Nitta says and he pauses, passes it through his mind and then smiles.
“So you’re fired for being pregnant? I’d say that’s illegal but this little get together is strictly off the books as I understand it.”
“Yea, so we’ll need another one.” Nitta says as Nikka walks up in both amusement and annoyance.
“But you have like, five! Surely this one wasn’t the big payer.” Koa remarks calmly.
“Hey what’s going on over there?” Another man’s voice sounds out.
“My girls were fired for being pregnant!” Koa shouts back.
“What? That’s messed up! I thought this galaxy was sympathetic to that!”
“How did you find us? We never told you were we were going, did you put a tracer on us some day?” Nikka asks and The Knee Cutter Society is galvanized into motion.
“So! The humans of The Undaunted are here to stop us! You’ve subverted our guards and dare to reveal your hand to.”
“No.” A third male voice says simply.
“What?! Your treachery and duplicitous nature is obvious! You are all...”
“Completely unconcerned with your organization, heck we actually approve of most of what you do when you actually do something other than stand around in robes and act like you matter.” The third voice says and Koa chuckles.
“Damn Reggie...” Koa says around his laughter.
“Wait, you support us?”
“Your main concern is making sure that smaller races have spaces for them in public areas by inconveniencing larger races in ways that can be easily turned around. Doesn’t bother us at all and actually makes a lot of sense, you don’t have to do the whole secret entrance, robes and guards deal. You’re a group of concerned citizens, not a cult, you don’t need to do the secret society shtick.”
“What’s a shtick?” Nitta asks.
“Never mind.” Koa says. “Anyways, I was swinging by because you two forgot to pack your lunches and I thought you might like to head over for a meal with us? Amadi here is going to be cooking some experimental dishes with his wives and Reggie’s meeting up with Shireen when she hits her lunch break.”
“Sure! That sounds great.” Nikka says with a smile.
“HOLD! You think you can come in here-”
“I’m literally still outside.”
“And spy on our most august organization!?”
“Spy on? Your couriers were throwing datachips about it at us like confetti. It started well before I even met my girls.” Koa says before unclipping a pouch from his belt. “See this? This is full of all the little datachips that were given to me or I’ve almost stepped on today. All of them are at least partially full of information from one secret society or another.”
“What?” The Head of the Knee Cutter Society asks in shock.
“Yea, the only reason secret societies are a secret on Centris is that no one bother to look into them. Even then you idiots are throwing entire libraries worth of information at us and acting like it’s going to keep you a secret somehow.” Koa mutters. “Anyways, if you’re done with my girls then that’s fine I’ll just be taking them out of here and going to lunch.”
With that he reaches in and pulls both Nitta and Nikka out of the hidden lair of The Knee Cutter Society and closes the hidden door.
“What just...” The Head of the Knee Cutter Society asks in shock.
Gaining distance from the poorly hidden lair of The Knee Cutter Society is Koa carrying Nitta and Nikka under his arms as Nitta giggles and Nikka tries to hold hers back. Right behind him Amadi who casually weaves an illusion that he fades as best he can into the local Axiom flows so it’s even harder to notice. Through it he can see The Head of The Knee Cutter Society open the door and stare out only to see an empty street.
“So what do you think the odds of some new secret society being born out of this stunt are?”
“Two to five? Maybe fifty-fifty?” Amadi asks with a grin.
“Hmm, you do have a point. They may just double down.” Reggie remarks as he rubs the stubble on his chin.
“And that will lead to all kinds of silliness. Either way the Intelligence Division will have some more entertainment.” Amadi says before grinning.
“Speaking of entertainment can you tell us what’s up in our oncoming meals?”
“Nothing too fancy, the girls have ordered some mass cloned beef to add to their menu so I’m going to show them all the levels to cook a steak at. They usually go for cooking everything all the way through for the sake of completion but with beef on the menu they hope to attract some Cannidor guests.”
“Hey! Keep up you two! Especially you Amadi, hard to have lunch without the chef present!” Koa calls back to them and there’s a bit of a hurry.
“Right, well that means... hey, why are we going to that refurbished bus?” Nikka begins as Koa stops right in front of Amadi’s skybus.
“It’s just easier to have all this already. Besides, you two don’t want to have to squeeze into Koa’s Sky Cutter do you?” Amadi asks.
“Why did you buy a sky cutter anyways? I figured you for more of a air spear kind of person.” Nikka asks as she and Nitta are set down into a seat and Koa takes the one right behind them.
“The cutter is closest to an actual motorcycle. Not to mention I prefer to sit while driving and leaning back is nice too.” Koa replies as Amadi revs up the engine and Reggie sits down and pulls out a technical manual from out of his coat. “Still going through that?”
“Yep, I like to know how the vehicle I’m in is put together. Also I’m trying to puzzle out how to fill in the blank spots.”
“Blank spots?” Nitta asks.
“Axiom lets you do all kinds of things, one of them is take shortcuts in engineering and design. I’m trying to figure out how to make an airbus without Axiom. It’s not easy, but it is a good way to pass the time if nothing else.”
“Yea if he had an actual chance of cracking that he’d have been poached by the research department by now and they’d have sewed him into a labcoat.”
“True enough.” Reggie says with a bit of a rueful grin.
“Alright, then so do either of you girls have any special cravings?”
“We’ve been wanting something, but we don’t know what.” Nikka says before sighing. “We’ve been using nutrition paste to make up for it. It makes the cravings go away but then you’re left with the question of what was it you wanted.”
“So nothing special than.”
“Only that new thing we were told about. What was it? Beev?”
“Beef. It’s a red meat from a hoofed herbivore back on earth. A cloning agency has been duplicating the meat so the galaxy can have a taste of human food without dying and so humans can have a fresher taste of home than the freeze dried mess we’ve been devouring.”
“We’ve been using Axiom techniques to reconstitute things you know. They’re in great shape.” Koa says simply.
“Technically, but I swear I can taste that there’s something old and off about it. The new stuff we’re getting in isn’t much better, I still can’t place what that lizard thing tastes like.” Amadi remarks with his tongue out as he joins the blurring fast traffic at the proper speeds. It had been freaking terrifying getting used to zipping around in this thing at these kinds of speeds, but damn if it didn’t get them places in a hurry.
First Last
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2022.01.20 18:00 cheesedevreddit So... banbuds got hacked. What do yall think?

Just curious.
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2022.01.20 18:00 Bread-Livid Sets exclusivos precios más bajos

Estoy vendiendo más de 200 carpetas con fotos de modelos de thepeachapp, más contenido exclusivo de OF a solos 5 dólares. Interesados manden mensaje
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2022.01.20 18:00 ukpoliticsGPT2Bot Michael Gove says "The Tories are the only party in British politics that I can think of that's genuinely a threat to democracy."

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2022.01.20 18:00 hynre_ I’ll give you a cookie if you chance me

Hi! The reaches I’d like to be chanced for are Cornell, Dartmouth (deferred ED applicant), Northwestern, NYU, Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, and Northeastern with a major in CS or CompEng depending on the school.
White male. Going to school on a military base overseas (I’m considered domestic but I have in-state nowhere)
UW: 3.86 ish W: 4.25
1470 SAT (Submitted everywhere ik it was probably a mistake)
Recently admitted into Purdue FYE, my high target, if that helps gauge this.
Personal statement was written about how my dad has been my principal for the past 7 years which I think is fairly unique and it had a very good message about growth at the end.
I have pretty good supplemental essays outside of misspelling one of Northwestern’s building names. My supplemental for Dartmouth about living overseas for 17 years was particularly good and I reused it in a similar way for Johns Hopkins. My NYU one might be lacking depending on who reads it. Every other supplemental I generally talked about being part of the LGBTQ+ community or something prompt-related.
I have very good LORs from what I can tell. My Dartmouth peer rec was especially good.
For ECs:
Founded a chapter of Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Foundation at my high school my freshman year and have been keeping up with it since as I am the president. I organized a school wide educational seminar last December as well as our weekly elementary school environmental outreach program.
Attended an international MUN conference in Prague two years in a row (will be going again this year). Also chaired in multiple MUN conferences at my school.
Senior Class president. Organized all of homecoming as well as two spirit weeks so far this year.
Plenty of volunteer work including after school tutoring twice a week, community theatre, as well as volunteering at a summer camp every summer since 7th grade.
I have other good ECs but most of them are week-long or multiple week-long events at universities and such.
And of course in plenty of honor societies like NHS, MHS, and SNHS.
For Honors (only two meaningful ones):
Honored and Recognized Delegate at GA of Prague MUN 2021
Nominated for EUCOM Topper award for Best Youth Actor in a Musical
Submitted APs:
3 - Biology 4 - HUG, Physics 1, CSP, APUSH, Lang 5 - Calc AB
Current APs: Calc BC, CSA, Chem, Lit, Stats, German
I promised you a cookie. Here you go :) 🍪
Also P.S. sorry if there are typos, I’m typing this on my phone while sitting on the toilet
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2022.01.20 18:00 ohyes1107 Now that it’s Thursday..can people please tell me what their LG sections were (subjects)?

I have amnesia and do NOT remember any of the actual games. I had one section. Please help me jog my memory 🥺
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2022.01.20 18:00 jms1225 Software development teams given the freedom to tackle their projects in whatever ways they choose are more productive and have more satisfied customers than teams that follow a central corporate standard

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2022.01.20 18:00 TheMoreYouSnowMan Still think it doesn't matter which "big tech" company you get your information from? Show of hands for how many people even know who Klaus Schwab is?

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2022.01.20 18:00 Poopshipdestroy3r Was my experience abnormal?

I was in therapy for ~6 months until last week when I quit because I felt that I wasn't really making progress on my depression. I assumed that therapy wasn't for me until I talked to some of my friends and they were baffled by my experience in therapy. They found it strange that my therapist 1. Never discussed coping strategies 2. Argued with me constantly 3. Criticised my religion 4. Wouldn't stop talking about medication when I made it clear I wasn't interested. Was he a strange/bad therapist and should I try again with a different therapist?
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